Animated video is the new trend of video on the Internet. The overabundance of information, which falls on the person daily, forcing people to look for simpler and faster ways to deliver information to the client. According to statistics, more than 60% of potential buyers to purchase goods or services in order viewing a video clip, or a video review. This is not surprising, because the visual information a person perceives is easier to write. Someone developed visual memory, someone better perceive information on hearing, and the video clip combines both methods of conveying information. Many of the teaching methods have become based on the perception of the video. Particularly effective hand-drawn video for information about the services and other tangible things poorly when reading information. The viewer is formed by association of services with particular hand-drawn characters, and it can play back at any time seen in the memory of the plot, and thus not lose touch with your resource.
And if your site offers a non-exclusive service or product stand out, and there's no way from your competitors? Then it was a cartoon video will give competitive advantage. Based on the cheerful cartoon characters or scenes, the visitor will notice and remember it is your site. And do not confuse with other resources. It has long been observed that the presence of video content on the site significantly increases the time spent on the site visitor.
Anyone curious by nature, and when he sees the video, he wants to know what it is. And now the most important thing - a cartoon video must in the first seconds of interest to the viewer and does not release it from the screen. Video can create interest and to show the rest of the site content. Holding his visitor on the website, we are bringing him as much information about their offerings.
And most importantly, order a cartoon video may significantly cheaper than traditional advertising video footage. And at the same time you get the effect of significantly larger.