As the complexity of the algorithms search engine rankings and new filters, optimizers are making efforts to find alternative methods of promotion and promotion.
Initially, search engines use only one parameter - the relevance of the keyword and the search query. Therefore, while attention has been directed to the development of various schemes filling pages sites a greater number of keywords.

After many years on the Internet is entirely ruled by external factors - a reference citation. Some time ago, there are special filters, which were designed to calculate the artificial cheat reference authority. Many sites, whose success in finding was based exclusively on the purchase of external links were pessimizirovany or even banned.

Website promotion picture

In search optimizers alternatives and guarantees paid attention to the fact that the search for Yandex and Google pictures - it's the other search engines, not only related to basic services and have fundamentally different algorithms.

The era of media content

It is the appearance of mobile computers, their wide dissemination and accessibility has led to the popularity of special video. Watch videos or movies on a standard desktop computer is not very comfortable with. For maximum convenience, the need to purchase expensive equipment.

But to lie down no less gratifying than watching a movie in a cinema hall on the couch with a tablet in hands. That is why the demand for video increases sharply with the widespread proliferation of tablets and smartphones. Students manage to watch the videos directly on the lectures at the institute. Fortunately, today's battery capacity is enough for it.

The advantages of using video promotion

• Movies can visually stand out on the page dispensing a small thumbnail of the content with the staff.
• Most popular broadcasts YouTube is second only to the leading social networks.
• YouTube has its own internal search - thus, the search query can run simultaneously on two multi-million dollar custom audience.
• People first of all pay attention to the images and photos, then video, and only on the third place is the text content.

Promoting technology through video

The video is a complete information content, presented in a user-friendly audio-visual form for perception and understanding. Videos can be optimized for search engines with traditional SEO techniques.

  1. 1.Assign a title that includes keywords.
    2. Meta Description and Keyword.
    3. Create a video external links.
    4. Perelinkovyvat rollers on the principle of similarity.
    5. Announce the social media.

Statistics show that the sites, which in addition to text and graphics pages contain videos have attendance by about 17% higher than without the video. Being on just one video web page assures Time on Page for three minutes at least.

Where to publish - on the website or on YouTube?

The advantage of the largest video hosting in its enormous audience and nearly billion-including subscribers. Many people, if they are interested in knowing the information is in video format, do not go to search and go directly to YouTube. And there set your search query in the search for a place.

What should be the videos? Accepted subdivide the video content on the entertainment and informatsionnonny. Entertaining videos most of the people are not looking for more than three minutes. After that, attention level drops dramatically and the number of failures increases.

With respect to the information video situation is the opposite. If the content is really useful and accurately implemented, the viewer's attention gradually increases as the viewing. Therefore, training videos can be done by ten, and twenty minutes.
However, if the video presentation of character, it should be capacious, clear and dynamic. These videos makes sense to do more than 2-3 minutes.
The best option is to create a parallel video channel on YouTube, which has the same semantic core, as well as the parent resource. YouTube-channel acts as a satellite and will work as a kind of doorway for the audience invited to visit the site being promoted.
A website, in turn, place the video in the embedded video player that will not create an additional burden on the site.